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Our Nurses

Meet Our Nurses

Welcome to the

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest arrivals to the United States, cheering them on as they leap into this exciting phase of their lives.

Big Hearts, Big Goals

We’ve handpicked the finest nurses to join our crew, and they have quickly become beloved members of our family. They are proud and eager to share their experiences moving to the United States under the care and attention of the Towne team.

Meet the best nurses in Towne!

"I would say that Towne Kids is an answered prayer because back in 2009 I took my NCLEX RN but at that time di sila nagre-release ng license pag wala ka pang Social Security Number, ang meron lang sakin pass letter. Sabi ko 'Bakit pa ako nakapasa di naman pala ako makakapunta sa US?' But there's still glimmer of hope since nakapasa na ako dito (USRN) pinagpray ko 'Lord bigyan mo ako ng way to get to United States na ayaw ko gumastos ng malaki or papuntahin mo ako in a way na hindi ko kailangan mangutang ng napakalaki para lang makapunta sa America'. So when Towne Kids came it was a long time answered prayer. It was a long journey of wait but it was worth the wait. Towne checked all the boxes that I was really praying for and looking for in an agency that will bring me to the United States as a Registered Nurse."

Myra, RN, USRN

"I discovered Towne sa Facebook, that time wala na talaga akong hope na mag-practice sa US kasi in 2010 pumunta akong US complete with all the documents with NCLEX and IELTS. Ang sabi ng mga classmates ko dito (US) hiring pero yun pala retrogression. That time they weren't hiring foreign graduate nurses so umuwi ako ng Pilipinas ng luhaan. So back to work ako sa Philippines and yung husband ko na-stroke so ako na ang naging breadwinner. So kahit gaano ka kumayod at gaano man kataas position mo in a company kulang parin pag may family member na may sakit. Parang blessing, one day I saw sa Facebook na Towne is hiring pero sabi ko 'parang too good to be true, baka may placement fee to'. Anyway, sabi ko wala naman mawawala pag nag-apply ka, kaya sige'. Pero expired na yung New York License ko, tapos expired na rin IELTS ko. Pero sige apply lang, kung totoo to ibibigay to ni Lord. Tapos yun nga kinontak na ako! Sabi ko, 'How much is the placement fee?' 'Oh no! we'll pay for everything!' 'Huh? Totoo ba to?' So yun, the rest is hostory. Totoo nga, Towne shouldered everything, syempre except for medical yun lang isho-shoulder mo. But everything is shouldered by Towne, everything is official, everything is legal. Pagdating sa US, sa training room inaabot na kaagad yung Social Security Number mo, na yung iba hirap na hirap pa kumuha, then after 10 days you got your Green Card! Blessing talaga na I come across sa Towne in Facebook."

Mary Trinity, RN, USRN

"At first, I was hesitant. But I sent in my documents, and their processing is really fast. They're quick to respond, they send you a message like "Have you submitted your documents yet?" Just submit everything you can, and if it's complete, the processing will definitely be very quick. Now, imagine you're a parent with a sick child while also caring for other kids. It would be incredibly difficult. As a Towne Kids nurse, my role is to support families so they can continue living their lives normally. We provide care for their children with special needs. So, if you have that passion for helping children, please consider joining us in the United States. The families here will definitely love you, and you will also love your patients here in the long run. Even without prior experience, I came from a BPO background. My bedside experience was a while back, 10 years ago to be exact. But Towne Kids provided excellent training and all the support I needed. They're a fantastic company, and they'll help you a lot. Let Towne Kids take care of you - you won't regret it. You could be here very quickly."

Javan, RN, USRN

"To the nurses currently affected by the retrogression, I want you to know this: trust the process and keep faith with Towne Kids. There's a saying I always keep in mind: "Good things come to those who wait." Be patient. The best is yet to come. Remember, God has a plan. It may not happen today, but it could be tomorrow, next month, or even next year. The key is to be prepared. There's no secret to success: it's all about preparation and hard work. Train yourself and get ready for everything you'll be doing here. Stay strong and trust the process. As long as you're submitting all your requirements and following Towne Kids' instructions, you'll be in the United States in no time."

Jazzene, RN, USRN

Towne Kids has been a blessing to dreamers just like me. Being a pediatric nurse for 9 years in the country gave me the dedication to take care of children and Towne has given me a great opportunity to work in the US with pediatric cases which I truly desire. Moreover, they have premium processing for fast deployment of nurses. Thank you Towne for bringing us closer to our goal!

Kerulyn Romulo

I never thought there was still a chance for me to fulfill my American Dream. I do not have hospital experience and was abandoned by a previous employer. I had given up a long time ago until I saw a colleague made it to the US and referred me to Towne. They are very accommodating and will answer all your questions, even if it's beyond working hours. Thank you, Towne, for the top-notch service you provide. Thank you for paving the way for us. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff.

Irene Villano

I signed up with Towne when I saw their ad in social media mainly because they have the best offers and with premium processing, my worries and anxieties in waiting for the approval of every step are minimized and replaced with excitement. Furthermore, the State of New Jersey will allow me to start a beautiful life with my husband and to our future children.

Cyril Lagbas