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Hearts and Souls

A Work of Heart

Towne Kids is a unique, award-winning agency that provides skilled nursing care to homebound pediatric patients. Our nurses are assigned predictable shift work, enabling them to form a connection with and focus on the family without the stress and chaos of caring for multiple patients.

Homecare, especially pediatric homecare, offers appealing benefits:

Job stability
Growth opportunities
Personal and professional satisfaction
Predictable shift-based scheduling
One-on-one care with reduced margin of error
Direct, meaningful impact on patient and family
Excellent work/life balance
Competitive salary and benefits

Personalized Benefits

At Towne Kids, these benefits are amplified by our exceptional characteristics. We personally select the most well-suited nurse to each patient and family to ensure a smooth, comfortable relationship. Furthermore, we provide training and a strong, ongoing support network with direct guidance from experienced mentors to help you achieve your professional goals.

Join Our Team

When you join the Towne Kids family, you enter a warm, supportive, and encouraging community of caring, passionate nurses just like you. We remain constantly by your side throughout the adjustment period and beyond, guiding you as you acclimate to the company and your position.

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