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Towne Kids has been a blessing to dreamers just like me. Being a pediatric nurse for 9 years in the country gave me the dedication to take care of children and Towne has given me a great opportunity to work in the US with pediatric cases which I truly desire. Moreover, they have premium processing for fast deployment of nurses. Thank you Towne for bringing us closer to our goal!

Kerulyn Romulo

I never thought there was still a chance for me to fulfill my American Dream. I do not have hospital experience and was abandoned by a previous employer. I had given up a long time ago until I saw a colleague made it to the US and referred me to Towne. They are very accommodating and will answer all your questions, even if it's beyond working hours. Thank you, Towne, for the top-notch service you provide. Thank you for paving the way for us. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff.

Irene Villano

I signed up with Towne when I saw their ad in social media mainly because they have the best offers and with premium processing, my worries and anxieties in waiting for the approval of every step are minimized and replaced with excitement. Furthermore, the State of New Jersey will allow me to start a beautiful life with my husband and to our future children.

Cyril Lagbas