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  In honor of International Nurses Month, Towne Kids spent a heartwarming day with the amazing children of Asociacion de Damas de Filipinas, Inc. At Towne Kids, our mission is simple: put the happiness and well-being of children first. And what better way to celebrate the incredible nurses who care for them than by spreading some joy? We hope everyone had a fantastic time! See more photos below!

    A Film Showing Treat for the Cancer Patients of Bahay Aruga in SM Cinema A heartwarming day unfolds at Towne Kids, filling our hearts with indescribable joy. These precious moments spent with the children touch our hearts in a way that words cannot express. We set out to bring them happiness, but little did we know that they would be the ones to give us that. To our amazing Kind Care Nurses,

Feeding Program for the Pediatric Patients of National Children's Hospital Spreading smiles and nourishing hearts at National Children's Hospital, where the power of love knows no bounds. On February 1, 2024, the Towne Kids PH team, together with our CEO, Ms. Mindy Tyner, had the privilege of visiting and conducting a Feeding Program for their incredible pediatric patients and their families. Meeting these children had a profound impact on us and

Towne Kids Toy Drive: Make Their Dreams Come True With a Toy or Two This past December, Towne Kids launched its first-ever toy drive, fueled by the generous spirit of our amazing nurses in the United States! In the true spirit of the season, our nurses embraced the opportunity to bring smiles and joy to children in the Philippines by donating a toy or two. The response was incredible! Our nurses